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Filing a Qui Tam Claim – What You Need To Know

There are many important aspects of filing a potential claim under the False Claims Act. First, be careful to only discuss your information with an Attorney who can assist you in evaluating the merit of your potential claim. Disclosure of the details of your potential claim to the media or other individuals prior to filing suit may prohibit you from sharing in any recovery. It's important to find the right criminal attorney that can handle these types of cases.

Next, being the first to file a potential claim is vital. Only the first individual to file a claim has the right to share in any recovery. Even if your knowledge is greater and you are not the first to file, you may be denied from sharing in any recovery.

If you are aware or suspect of any person, company or entity involved in defrauding the Government, do not delay…contact us today!


The lawyers on staff have over 65 years of experience dealing with these types of cases.

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Your privacy is a prime concern, we will keep your case a private matter.

Whistleblower Rights – You are Protected!

Do not be afraid to report fraud! The Whistleblower Protection Act, an amendment to the False Claims Act, protects you from harassment, demotion, and wrongful termination for reporting fraud. For personal injury cases please visit: http://www.california-personalinjurylawyers.com for more information.

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Independently and together our law firms have years of experience in assisting and protecting the rights of Whistleblowers throughout the United States. Collectively we have recovered over 1 billion dollars under the False Claims Act. Protecting Whistleblowers rights and filing claims under the False Claims Act are the primary areas of focus for our law firms.

We have written books on Whistleblower Litigation as well as spoken before Congress regarding the False Claims Act.

If you are interested in blowing the whistle on fraud and filing a qui tam claim let our experience guide you and simplify the process of filing a claim.
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